The official website for the New Game TV anime has now updated, and they revealed the its newest characters. These new characters will be appearing for in the anime’s second season, which is officially titled “New Game!! (with extra exclamation point)”. The new cast members include:

Arisa Suzuki as Momiji Mochizuki

Hitomi Ohwada as Tsubame Narumi

Manaka Iwami as Hotaru Hoshikawa

Kaori Nazuka as Wako Christina Yamato

They may be new characters, but the second season’s key visual actually featured them before their reveal. If you look closely, the visual not only features the characters from the first season, but the four new characters as well.

As for the second season itself, it will premiere sometime in July 2017. Yuuki Takada reprises her role as Aoba Suzukaze, while Youko Hikasa once again voices Kou Yagami. The rest of the cast also return, as Ai Kayano returns as Rin Touyama, and megumi Yamaguchi returns as Hifumi Takimoto. Other returning cast members include Megumi Toda as Hajime Shinoda, Ayumi Takeo as Yun Iijima, Madoka Asahina as Nene Sakura, Chitose Morinaga as Umiko Ahagon, and of course, Eri Kitamura as Shizuku Hazuki.

Yoshiyuki Fujiwara returns to direct the second season, with Ai Kikuchi returning as character designer. Doga Kobo will once again be producing the animation as well.

source: Comic Natalie