Popular mobile card game, Million Arthur will take its first steps into the wide world of mobile MMORPGs with the announcement of the latest game to enter the franchise, Rebellious Million Arthur.

Developed by Netease Games, and published by IP owners Square Enix, the game looks to take a new spin on the already popular series. Netease gave players a first look when they released screenshots of the game:

Netease also confirmed the existence of an in-game day-night cycle, and weather system. Each playable character will also be accompanied by a support fairy during their adventures.

While little is known about the game this early in its development, early testers have revealed that stamina will be required to enter dungeons, and that there will be male and female playable characters, each with unique equipment and costumes.

Rebellious Million Arthur will first be released in China, and then Japan. However, there is no news of a release for the outside of those two countries just yet.