The No Game, No Life anime twitter page has posted new updates concerning the No Game, No Life Zero film. This includes the anime film’s new key visual, which reveal the return of the TV anime’s protagonists, Shiro and Sora.

The film will feature the events in the alternate world before Shiro and Sora’s arrival. It will follow Riku and Shuvi, who bear striking resemblances to Shiro and Sora. The film will adapt the light novel’s Volume 6 back story, which also bears some very similar characters.

And speaking of the twitter page, it also revealed the anime film’s theme song singer. According to the twitter announcement, Konomi Suzuki will be performing the theme song, “There is a Reason.” She also performed the TV anime’s OP song, “This Game”.

Atsuko Ishizuka is returning from the TV anime to direct the film, however, it will have a new character designer.  Satoshi Tasaki will be taking over the character design duties for Kouji Ohya, while Madhouse will once again be animating it. The film will premiere across Japan starting 15 July 2017.