Bandai Namco’s VR Zone Shinjuku is launching a brand new VR experience for Neon Genesis Evangelion. Officially titled “Evangelion: The Throne of Souls”, this new VR experience allows players to pilot their own Eva unit. Up to three people can “Get in the damn Robot”, as pilots of Units 01, 02, and 00 of course.

The VR experience rigs look very much like the cockpit of an actual Eva unit, though you don’t need a plug suit to get inside one. It recreates the battle between the angel, Zeruel, but with a twist. According to the story, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei are all out, and three players must temporarily take their place. Together, these three “temporary” Eva pilots must work together to bring down the angel. In the anime, all three Eva units worked together to take down this particular angel.

The developers also promise that they would faithfully recreate an Eva’s start-up. Of course, this includes filling of the entry plug with LCL, nerve synchronization, and sync ratio measurement. Sounds really fun, right? Just be careful of Zeruel, as angels tend to do that “Mind Rape” thing… right Asuka?

VR Zone Shinjuku will be launching the VR Experience sometime in summer 2017.

source: 4gamer