Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul manga has teamed up with the Ikebukuro Parco cafe for a special yet bloody collaboration. For a limited time, the cafe will feature Tokyo Ghoul-inspired menu items, which might not be for the squeamish. And while ghouls can only eat humans, the menu items do not contain human meat… or do they?!

Bloody Salisbury Steak with Dismembered Fingers: 1,680 yen (add 100 yen for rice)

Kaneki’s Eye Curry: 1,280 yen

“Do you really eat this…? Burger”: 1,480 yen

Udon topped with kaki age (featured in a scene with Amon in the manga and anime): 1,180 yen

Bad Egg Sandwich (can only be ordered as a side, cannot be eaten by ghouls): 480 yen


Shuu Tsukiyama’s eyeball mousse: 1,280 yen

Kaneki’s Coffee Bean Toast: 1,380 yen

Suzuya Parfait: 1,280 yen

Uta Jelly Snack: 1,180 yen

Drink Menu:

Cat Cafe Latte:  780 yen

Tohka Jelly Drink: 1,080 yen

RC Cell Drink: 880 yen

Kureo Mado’s black sesame jelly smoothie (comes with limited-edition sticker): 930 yen

This limited-time cafe will kick off on 27th May, and will be available only until 28th June. So you guys better hurry! At the same time, they will also hold a special costume exhibition, but it begins on 31st May. Like the cafe, the exhibition will also end on 28th June.

Source: Nijimen