It’s really no secret that 2-time Olympic figure skater John Weir is a huge Yuri on Ice fan. The American caught the attention of his fellow fans when he posted a video of himself skating to the tune of the anime’s “In Regards to Love: Agape” song. And now, it seems like he has a follow-up to that performance.


?Eros | #yurionice

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Skating to the beat of the song, Eros, not only showed his Yuri on Ice fandom but how good he really is. Fans showered his Facebook page‘s video post with love as well. He received alot of comments from his followers, who sang praises about his performance.

Yuri on Ice seems to have caught the hearts of a lot of professional skaters. The most widely known of whom is fangirl Evgenia Medvedevawho even got a tribute from the anime’s character designer. The skating anime also got a ton of love from fans as well. As we previously reported, the anime attracted approximately 20,000 visitors to its Holy land of Saga Prefecture.