OOPARTZ, best known for collaborating with RADIO FISH for the hit title “PERFECT HUMAN” as well as CNBLUE’s “Face to Face”, is announcing the release of their latest music video “Little Apple”!

OOPARTZ is a duo consisting of members RYUICHI(VOCAL/DANCE); an accomplished dancer highly regarded for his numerous achievements in dance, and JUVENILE (TALKBOX/SOUND PRODUCTION); known not only for his top-level performances as a talkbox player but also as an up-and-coming young sound producer who is gaining attention from various fields.

Photo by HORIPRO

OOPARTZ just released their first CD album “13 DOCTORS” last 2nd November 2016 and held their first one-man live “ELECTRO OPERATION” in early 2017. “Little Apple” is one of the tracks in their first album, and they are excited to share it with all their fans!

Filmed in Shanghai and featuring popular Japanese street dancers, It’s already shooting up the charts of Chinese video site bilibili. Check out the complete video below!

About Little Apple

Little Apple is a song first released in Chinese by China’s Chopstick Brothers in 2014. It shot to fame in China with its catchy tune and became a song used in many flash mobs. It went on to win various awards like the American Music Awards of 2014: International Song Award and the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014: Favourite Music in China.