It’s absolutely no secret that Russian figure skater, Evgenia Medvedeva, is an absolute anime fangirl. She first grabbed the attention of anime fans when she started cosplaying as Sailor Moon in one of her performances, as well as fangirling about Yuri on Ice.

She’s frequented Japan, and also admitted to love the country. Now, she’s trading in her ice skates and rink attire for a traditional Japanese kimono for her visit to Kyoto.

Sporting a red kimono, the lovely Russian received plenty of praise for her beauty. In her kimono, Medvedeva walked the streets of the old capital, as well as visited a Shinto Shrine. She then posted the images via her instagram page, jmedvedevaj.

As for her fandoms, she not only got a tribute illustration from Yuri on Ice character designer, Tadashi Hiramatsu, but also got to meet Sailor Moon mangaka, Naoko Takeuchi. In fact, Takeuchi herself also turns out to be a fan of the skater.

Images via jmedvedevaj Instagram page