Sometimes, romance can happen in the workplace, and that is what renowned Japanese actress, Sayaka Kanda just proved. This is because she just revealed that she got married to her Danganronpa stage play co-star Mitsu Murata. The actress, singer, and seiyuu revealed her marriage to her costar via Instagram.

In the Danganronpa stage play, Kanda played the infamous Junko Enoshima, while Murata played Mondo Owada. The couple will be holding a formal wedding ceremony for familyn and friends on 19th May. The two actually started dating last year after meeting in the stage play. Kanda is currently 30 years old, while her new husband is 39.

Kamen Rider fans may know Murata as Kaidoko from Kamen Rider Hibiki. Meanwhile, his new bride voiced Anna in the Japanese dub of Frozen, as well as Yuna in Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. Kanda also starred in the Unlimited Fafnir TV anime as Miyako Shinomiya.

Congratulations and good luck to the new couple!

source: Spoinichi