Many consider that Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira is one of the greatest anime films ever. The anime recently garnered much attention as it foretold that Tokyo will be hosting the 2020 Olympics. Now Shibuya Parco is paying tribute to that very film as they will be displaying an enormous Akira mural, which they will complete in 2019, the year before the 2020 Olympics. The year 2019 also serves as the film’s setting as well.

Once completed, the mall’s Akira mural will measure in at about 63 metres in length. They also unveiled the mural’s first section last 17th May, with Kaneda and his iconic motorcycle.

Shibuya Parco will eventually add more parts to this mural as the days come along. They will add more and more parts to the mural, until they finally complete it in 2019. Really fitting as we finally reach the days that the movie has been talking about, huh?

Source: My Game News Flash