Shiena Nishizawa, best known for her hits “Fubuki” from “Kantai Collection” and “Brand New World” from “The Asterisk War”, her recently released her first full album “Break your fate” on 15th March 2017. She is currently doing a Japan-wide tour and kicked things off with her first solo concert at AKASAKA BLITZ last 30th April 2017, LisAni Web reports.

Photo by LisAni Web / FLYING DOG

Over 1300 screaming fans showed up to support Shiena on her first foray into solo shows. Attendees were definitely surprised and impressed at the quality of the production — complete with a rocking back up band and amazing pyrotechnics! Shiena herself was all fired up, telling fans to get jumping from the very start.

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Photo by LisAni Web / FLYING DOG
Photo by LisAni Web / FLYING DOG

Featuring a powerful singing voice and a guitar technique that was honed since childhood, Shiena Nishizawa’s gig as unlike any other concert on the anisong scene. Her passionate fans gathered in the middle of the hall to create a massive moshpit, and everyone had a great time rocking to her songs. This is definitely a tour to look forward to, and we hope her fans have a fun experience in her succeeding gigs.

Photo by LisAni Web / FLYING DOG
Photo by LisAni Web / FLYING DOG


Set List

1. Break your fate
2. Shark
3. Gemini
4. Goodbye Graffiti.
5. Meaning
6. Just One
7. Cross
8. Light and Shadow
9. Piacere
10. Yakusoku Dayo
11. Kikan
12. Fubuki
13. Reason To Scream
14. Brilliant Star
15. Brand-new World
16. The Asterisk War
17. Feel This Morment


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Break your fate

Photo by LisAni Web / FLYING DOG
Photo by LisAni Web / FLYING DOG

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