Summer is about to get hotter because Shonen Jump characters are returning to Universal Studios Japan once again! From 30th June until 1st October, Jump characters will be taking over the Osaka-based theme park. They will feature five Jump series, and they are Dragon Ball, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Gintama, and of course, One Piece.

And speaking of One Piece, the theme park is now celebrating the 10th anniversary of its One Piece Premiere Show. This means that this year’s edition will be extra special, as it will focus on the “Summit War” arc. Yes folks, this means it will focus on Luffy and Ace. It will also have itself an original story just for the Premiere Show.

And as usual, prepare to get wet when the The One Piece Water Battle returns. This is usually a huge water fight, and this year features the Straw hats taking on the Big Mom Pirates.

And then there’s the Dragon Ball the Real 4D experience, which will allow visitors to get to feel the intensity of Dragon Ball. They get to watch a 3DCG movie, together with some cool effects as well. In the story, Goku takes on Broly God, which would surely be a battle for the ages.

But that ain’t the only 4D movie experience Universal Studios Japan is offering. This is because they’ll also show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders: The REAL. For this 4D movie, Jotaro and  Star Platinum take on Dio and The World in one intense battle. Oh, and they’re also selling exclusive and limited-edition Jojo watches as well.

And finally, they will feature a Gintama show which requires plenty of audience participation. And since the anime breaks the 4th wall as much as Deadpool and Pinkypie, it would only be fitting that Ginama does a show like this. The show will have the Gintama characters interact with the audience themselves. Breaking the 4th wall indeed! They also have a pretty cute Elizabeth cake set too!

Wow is my reaction in seeing that cake too…

source: Nijimen