The 26th Annual Japan Movie Critics Awards official website has now revealed the winners for their various awards. Of course, this also includes a few animation-related categories.

Naoko Yamada/Kyoto Animation’s A Silent Voice won the Best Animation of the Year Award, while your name’s Makoto Shinkai won the Best Animation Director Award. Meanwhile, legendary seiyuu, Masako Nozawa (Dragon Ball’s Goku) won the Best Animation Voice Actor Award. She won it for her role as Sanpei in Kaze no You Ni.

Finally, they awarded Space Battleship Yamato and Captain Harlock creator, Leiji Matsumoto, the Diamond Grand Prize in the animation. They give the award to individuals who have made great efforts to support and win fame for Japanese movies internationally. And with works which also include Galaxy Express 999, it’s no surprise that they chose him for the award this year.

While the Japan Movie Critics Awards started out in 1992, they didn’t introduce the animation categories until 2010. Previous Best Animation winners include The Boy and The Beast, as well as Wolf Children and Expelled from paradise. Meanwhile, former Best Animation Director winners include Hideaki Anno and Isao Takahata. Legendary mangaka, Go Nagai, won the Diamond Award last year.