Tobu Zoo is currently enjoying one of its biggest surges in visitor numbers thanks to Kemono Friends. Now, thanks to one particular penguin, their collaboration has become a lot more famous. Because of that, the zoo will be featuring the love-struck penguin, Grape-kun himself.

Titled “Yamada-oniichan’s Penguin Talk”, the special talk event tackles the mating habits of Humboldt Penguins. Of course, this will also lead to them talking about Grape-kun’s undying love for Hululu. They will also talk about the Humboldt Penguin’s ecology, as well as how Grape-kun became an internet sensation.

The zoo will hold two of these talk events, with the first one of 20th May, while the second one is on 17th June. On the first edition of the talk, Hululu’s Kemono Friends seiyuu, Ikuko Chikuta, will be serving as the special guest. Hear that Grape-kun, your waifu’s seiyuu will come by to see you again!

And Ikuko Chikuta doesn’t just voice Humboldt Penguin aka Hululu in the TV anime, but will also play her in the upcoming Kemono Friends live-action stage play. The Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX in Tokyo will host the play from 14th – 18th July. It will also feature the other seiyuu from the anime reprising their respective roles in live-action. She’s also one of the singers for the Kemono Friends TV anime’s OP song.

Kinda makes you wonder how Grape-kun will react if she wears her stage play costume for the talk event…

source: Comic Natalie