Macross Delta Diva Unit Walküre has proudly announced their inclusion in the line up of ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017! ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017 will be held at Kokuei Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture on the 5th and 6th of August 2017.

Photo by Flying Dog / JVC Kenwood / Victor Entertainment / BIG WEST / Macross Delta Production Committee

Walküre will be appearing on Sunday — 6th August 2017, alongside other acts such as SCANDAL, MONGOL 800, YUSU, KREVA, and WANIMA! Tickets are available now at the ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL website. For more info on the festival, you can also visit the official ROCK IN JAPAN website.

Photo by Flying Dog / Satelight / Studio Nue

Composed of Minori Suzuki, JUNNA, Kiyono Yasuno, Nozomi Nishida, and Nao Toyama, Walküre is the real world counterpart of the fictional girl group Walküre from the anime series Macross Delta. In the anime, the group is a powerful weapon against alien attack as they perform alongside veteran fighter pilots.