Hana and Baozi is one of the most eagerly awaited couples by fans in Indonesia. We can see it from the reaction of fans who scream wildly when both of them appear on stage. Not to mention this time they came up with Yuri and Victor costume from the series Yuri on Ice. This series is a favorite of many people. So how did our interview went with this pretty boys couple? The following is our and other media interview with Baozi and Hana.

Q: If this were to be Yuri on Ice world, who is the character that’s best represent both of you as an individual and as a couple?

Baozi (B): For me, it’s obviously Victor. We also want to cosplay more version of Yuri on Ice in the future.

Hana (H): I think I am more to Yuri, but I feel like my face is a little bit older than Yuri in the anime. My face is very well suited to Yuri’s role.

As a couple, we think it’s Victor and Yuri.

Q: Is there any other cosplay that you want to do but never had any time to do?

B: A lot. Hana and 1 always talk about what cosplay that we have to do, what do we need to do now, and what to do in the future. We also want to repeat our old cosplays when we thought the cosplays aren’t perfect, so we want to repeat the photoshoot. For example, our CLAMP cosplays. We also want to cosplay from yaoi manga.

Q: Talking about your brand, is there any relation between the brand and your dreams and cosplay?

B: This is our first time using our own branded make up. Before this, we always used make up from Japan or USA. In CSF, we also do our own make up workshop and we’re going to do a Japanese woman style make up. We will also bring samples to be shown at our Indonesian workshop.

H: Normal brand usually focuses on daily use, but our brand is more focused for cosplay make up. This is a unique brand to use that are created for cosplayers. The make up itself is unique because it doesn’t look like make up.

Q: Hana once tweeted about Baozi, why don’t you want to cosplay as Love Live! character?

B: Hana always asked me, I already made a woman make up on our YouTube channel, but to cosplay as a woman is still too difficult for me. It’s because my body is too manly.

H: Because his body is too manly, so he only want to be shown from shoulder above.

Q: Is there any cosplay plan that you can spoil to us?

H: For sure, it’s Yuri on Ice, Welcome to the Madness version with smoky make up.

B: I’ve prepared for it, but we haven’t had the time to do a photoshoot.

Q: What makes you decide to do a duet cosplay?

H: Because we like anime since we’re still a child.

B: Before we started cosplaying, we always talk about how good other people’s cosplay. We are also men so we don’t know how to use make up, we also don’t know how to sew. I started cosplaying when I entered univerity, but Hana already started from junior high school. We used to cosplay on our own, but then we met, and finally cosplay together. It’s been 6 years.

Q: What inspires the name of Hana and Baozi?

B: My name is very interesting. When I started cosplay, I was fat like a manjuu. Bao means manjuu in Chinese.

H: My name originated from a Japanese Film, Hana and Alice. I chose that name from the start and I still use it until now.

Q: Who is your most difficult character to cosplay?

H: Recently, the hardest cosplay was Kotori, and it’s so hard to do because my face is not round but Kotori’s face is so round. Kotori has a kawaii face, and after I cosplay Kotori, I feel strange looking at my own face.
B: For me, Otabek. Because I have to cut off some of my hair and keep the hairstyle for a few weeks.

Q: Is there any manga that you want to recommend to the fans in Indonesia?

H: Re:LIFE, because the story tells us about a guy who relives his own high school days and had this feeling of starting over. I like it because it’s so touching

Q: Why do you start a make up brand? I see it in Instagram you use a cat logo, why?

H: Because we like cats. Cosplay and make up cannot be separated, and I have this idea to make our own brand. Baozi also supports the idea, so we finally start this business.

B: Our logo is made from our own cats, so we asked our designer to draw the logo and put it in our product. We want everyone to know how cute they are.

Q: Where do you start learning to put on make up?

A: Like most people, we started from the internet, some YouTube videos, and then I try it on my own. From the start, it was so bad, and then we become ok, ok, ok, and then finally it turns out good.

Q: How does it feel being in Indonesia and do you have any messages for the fans in Indonesia?

A: We like the weather, and of course, Bali. We took some shots at Bali for our 5th year’s anniversary and it felt so enjoyable.

We want to thank our fans that is already following us since the start. We always try to meet our fans as much as possible. We are also touched by the fans that is coming from far away, from other region to Jakarta. We are very touched. I hope we can meet again and always bring cosplay to you.

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This interview was conducted by Jurnal Otaku Indodesia, and is syndicated on WOW Japan.