One of the international cosplayer who came to Creators Super Fest is M.G. from Hong Kong. Don’t be fooled by the appearance because the beautiful appearance can make you think it’s a male. In actuality, M.G. is a female. Her beautiful appearance made it easy to cosplay as a male, especially characters from the series Touken Ranbu. This time JOI and other media got the chance to interview this cosplayer. Want to know more about her? Read it below.

Q: How did you start cosplay?

A: From the beginning, I don’t have any goal to do cosplay. But when I started university, a friend asked me to come to a cosplay convention and cosplay together. I felt it was okay at first, but after the cosplay event it felt really good until now.

Q: Is there any character that you want to cosplay but you haven’t got the time?

A: If I want to cosplay as someone, I do it immediately. My favorite character is when I became Masamune Matsuoka.

Q: What is the hardest part from your costume making?

A: I don’t usually make my own costume from scratch. For example, when I see a cloth that has the same pattern, I usually change that to fit my costume. But the hardest part is usually when the material is made from leather.

Q: What is the most difficult character to cosplay?

A: I think it was from the time I did Drakengard cosplay. At that time, I have to make the weapon from scratch to finish.

Q: How many cosplay plans do you have every year and how did you cope with it?

A: Normally, I cosplay once a month. One costume per month to be exact for new photo shoot, but not always for new character.

Q: What is your favorite manga or anime and do you have any recommendation for the fans?

A: My favorite series is Aoharu x Kikanjuu. I’ve watched it 3-4 times, always going on reruns. This anime is apparently not that popular, so I’ll be delighted to see someone who likes it as well.

Q: Are there any tips or advice for other cosplayers in Indonesia to do it as well as you?

A: If you want to cosplay, just do it immediately and don’t compare yourself to other cosplayers.

Q: What do you think about Indonesian cosplayers?

A: Today I see the cosplayers are very enthusiastic and passionate. I can also see that their costumes are really well made.

Q: What do you think about Indonesia?

A: Indonesia is very nice. There’s a lot of greenery and parks, because you don’t find many parks in Hong Kong. It’s a shame that I’ve only been here for 2 days so I haven’t got the time to look around.

Q: Since you really like to draw, which illustration is your favorite?

A: I can’t say for certain, but I really like all my drawings. I feel like I have my passion on every one of them. When I do it, I do it as best as possible so I can feel good about it. If we do it as best as possible, other people who look at our work will also appreciate it and your feelings should come through.

Q: Is there any female character that you want to cosplay as?

A: Zero, from Drakengard. I also have other cosplay as other female character, but probably they’re not so popular so not many people know. I also have some other cosplay photos but haven’t published yet.

Q: Do you have any country you want to visit?

A: AFA Singapore, because some of my friends went there and talk about how fun it was, so I want to go there myself.

Q: Do you have any plans to visit other places in Jakarta?

A: I actually want to look around, but I’m afraid I can’t go out yet. My friend told me there’s a good place around 3 hours from Jakarta so I want to see it.

Q: Is there any other country that you want to go as a cosplay site?

A: Too much (haha). But I want to go to England or Australia, because I’ve done photo shoot in most Hong Kong places. Sadly, the good parts are usually forbidden to take shoot from.

Q: Do you have anyone who inspire you? In cosplay and in drawing?

A: In cosplay, I like Lenneth from Singapore and Mayu from Japan. Because both of them made their cosplay costumes with such great details. If you asked me about inspiring illustrator, it was from Aoharu x Kikanjuu because the story is really inspiring and it’s really good.

Q: Do you have any words for your fans in Indonesia?

A: I am so glad to have come to Indonesia despite this is being my first time coming here. The people are really friendly so it’s been fun being amongst the fans.

Even though this is her first time coming to Indonesia, but because of the Indonesian fans’ kindness, it looks like she will bring back good memories to Hong Kong. Hopefully those memories can become the push for her to meet us in Indonesia, and even become a magnet for other Hong Kong cosplayers to come to our country.

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This interview was conducted by Jurnal Otaku Indodesia, and is syndicated on WOW Japan.