Yoshino Nanjo ain’t just a seiyuu and singer anymore, but it seems that she’s also a character designer. This is because the seiyuu who voiced Love Live’s Eli Ayase actually created and designed her own anime character. And yes, she’s voicing that character too!

Nanjo will be voicing the character, Robu, for the Neko no Robu anime shorts, which is part of the TV show about cats, Setonyankai. Robu is a really lazy cat, and just likes to laze around.

The seiyuu and now-character designer may have made a name for herself as a school idol in Love Live, but she’s quite the cat lover too! In fact, it’s widely known that she has quite the fondness for cats. Her new anime short will premiere on 13th May, with Kachidoki Studio and Takeshi Onaka producing the animation.

Source: Animate Times