As we previously revealed here on WOWJapan, Karatsu City — the real-world basis of the fictional city of Hasetsu in Yuri on Ice, has teamed up with the anime itself. Together, they are promoting the  local attractions, gourmet food, as well as the native products of Saga Prefecture. Now, the collaboration’s official Facebook page has revealed the numbers for the collaboration’s success.

According to their post, they attracted approximately 20,000 people from 27 countries visited the prefecture. And due to its immense success and popularity, the staff will continue distributing pilgrimage maps in the city. These pilgrimage maps will show the areas where scenes from the anime took place, as well as how to get there.

In addition, some of the city’s stores will continue to sell Saga on Ice collaboration merchandise as well. But better hurry because offer is only good while supplies last.

The anime prominently featured the prefecture’s many areas, particularly Yuri Katsuki’s hometown, Hasetsu, which was inspired by the town of Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. One of the tourism project’s highlights include the “Ice Castle Hasetsu” ice skating rink. It recreated the ice skating rink that Yuri Katsuki used in the anime from 6th – 12th March. They included a photo area, as well as display several illustrations around the rink. They also featured several local delicacies from Saga, as well as Yuri on Ice-themed foods.

Source: Saga on Ice official Facebook Page