How would you like Yuri Katsuki, Yuri Plisetsky, or Victor Nikiforov serve you in a cafe? That’s because Yuri!! on Ice is getting yet another official cafe collaboration, this time with Omotesando Box Cafe & Space. The cafe also turns the three figure skaters into their very own waiters for the collaboration.

And yes, they also have Yuri on Ice-themed meals. These include the following dishes:

Yuri Katsuki Katsudon Set

Yuri Plisetsky’s Famous Borscht

Phichit Chulanont’s Kap Pao Rice

Yuri on Ice Nabe

Yuri!! on Shaved Ice

“Let’s Be Friends” Brulee’

Victor’s Quad Flip Soda

Makkachin Cafe Mocha (hot)

Makkachin Cafe Mocha (iced)

“Invitation to Makai” (alcoholic)

Sparkling Sake (alcoholic)

Vodka Martini (alcoholic)

Singha Mojito (alcoholic)

Yuri Pirozhki

Those who get advance reservations for the cafe also get an A3-sized clear poster. Meanwhile, everyone who orders from their special Yuri on Ice menu will also get a spacial place mat. The cafe also has a few goodies in store for all the anime’s fans out there.

Reservations can be made via their official website. The Tokyo cafe will run the collaboration from 26th May until second July, before heading to Osaka on a later date.

source: Comic Natalie