The Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil has has certainly become one of the most iconic fictional corporations on Earth. This evil corporation is responsible for turning people into zombies with the dreaded t-Virus in the gaming franchise. Their logo also also has as much infamy as the corporation’s deadly creation itself. Imagine the shock a few gamers had when they found out that a skincare clinic of all things is using that very logo…

They officially call their company as Medcare Skin Centre, which you can find in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. However, you can expect that fans are already speculating that they’re a front for the Umbrella Corporation. But the staff members actually look quite friendly. There’s no way they’d infect you with the t-Virus while getting a facial, right?!

There’s nothing actually sinister about this Vietnamese Dermatology clinic, but that still doesn’t stop fans from speculating. After all, it’s only here in Southeast Asia and just a few hours flight from Singapore, right?!

The clinic itself has released a statement on Facebook saying that it’s all a coincidence, and they themselves are also surprised by the similarities.

Source: Kotaku