Animelo Summer Live 2017 — also known as ANISAMA, has released an updated list of rules covering, among other things: alcohol consumption, cellphone usage, and wotagei. To the unfamiliar, wotagei is a type of fan participation at anisong events that include dancing, cheering, jumping, and chanting in time with the onstage performance.

Image by Animelo Summer Live 2017 / MAGES

While the rules covering alcohol restrictions and cellphone usage are obvious (to prevent intoxication and bootlegging, respectively), the updated guidelines discouraging fans from performing wotagei could put a damper on the enjoyment of the event for some concert-goers. On the flipside however, it could also improve the concert experience for other fans who simply want to watch the stage, without being blocked by hand gestures and penlight choreography.

You may view the complete guidelines on the Animelo Summer Live 2017 website (Japanese only).