C3 AFA Bangkok showed off plenty of booths, but one of the busiest ones just has to be Bandai. GunPla is big in Thailand, and as a hobby, the interest in it is growing fast. This is why people immediately flocked their booth at the Royal Paragon Hall during the event.

As soon as people enter the Royal Paragon Hall at Siam Paragon, the first thing they would see is the Bandai booth. And sure enough, one of the highlights was certain: GUNPLA. The Bandai booth displayed some of the upcoming GunPla from various series, including Thunderbolt and Iron-Blooded Orphans. It also featured some line art from some of the various Gundam anime. They also showed off some of their exclusives as well.

But it’s not just GunPla that the Bandai booth showed off. They also had a huge feature on their Star Wars plastic models, which include both the character models, as well as the vehicles. They also featured their 1:2 scale BB-8 and a 1:6 scale Storm Trooper.

Their booth also showed off their Figure-Rise model kits for Dragon Ball.

And Bandai didn’t just focus on the kits, but the figures too! These include their Tamashii Nations figures which include their Soul of Chogokin line, as well as their SH FiguArts line. They also showed off their upcoming Robot Spirits figures, as well as NXEdge figures, which also include other non-Gundam series.

Meanwhile, the Bandai Namco portion teased their upcoming Gundam Versus game for the PS4, as well as Accel World vs Sword Art Online for both PS4 and PS Vita.

Banpresto was also there, showing off a variety of prize figures from Dragon Ball, One Piece, and many more.

From personal experience, I’d say that my wallet was hurt pretty badly after leaving their booth. So, which GunPla, plastic model, or figure caught your eye?