Dolls have always been a divisive subject among most collectors, as many dismiss them as being only for girls. However, the popularity of dolls have been growing among men through the years, and one of the reasons is Volks. Through their Dollfie Dream line, doll collecting and customization are becoming more and more popular for both men and women. And during C3 AFA Bangkok, they set up shop at the Royal Paragon Hall in Siam Paragon.

Their not only displayed some of their popular Vocaloid-themed dolls, but a few anime-themed dolls as well. They also featured a few of their originals too. They are truly showing that dolls aren’t just a hobby for women, but men as well. Through their booth, they set up a few dioramas to introduce the world to their Dollfie Dream dolls. The booth also sold a few completed sets, as well as a few parts and costumes.

So, what’s a Dollfie Dream? According to the staff person I’ve talked to during the event, it’s a dream doll which represents your favorite character. It also boasts flexibility and articulation that’s not possible for many traditional dolls. But like most dolls, you can also change its dresses and look to suit your tastes.

For Dollfie Dream, there are two types. There are those original models, which include their standard models and D’COORD line. There’s also their collaboration models, which include characters from Vocaloid, Macross, and iDOLM@STER.

These dolls are slowly getting more and more popular around the world. According to one collector I spoke to in Thailand, you can customize them to look like certain characters from anime, manga, games, or even movies. Certainly, these dolls will slowly change the perception that dolls are for girls only, right?