C3 AFA Bangkok 2017 is a wrap, and one of the most popular booths during the event belonged to Aniplex. The booth held plenty of highlights, including life-size standees of Sword Art Online characters, as well as figure displays. They featured plenty of Aniplex titles, including Eromanga Sensei, Saekano, and Recreators. But of course, Sword Art Online really dominated the booth.

But one of the biggest highlights is their Sword Art Online character popularity poll. The poll asked event-goers to vote for their favorite character from Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale. The staff gave fans a sticker, and they would then add that sticker to any character they want. After two whole days of voting, the results are in:

Sinon won the C3 AFA Bangkok popularity poll, but it was really close! She narrowly won over Asuna, who got second place. Sorry Kirito, better luck in the next one. And he actually lead at some point during the first day… until Asuna and Sinon caught of course.

Inside the booth, Aniplex displayed Kirito and Asuna’s Ordinal Scale costumes, as well as their swords. They also displayed a few stills from the film, along with some line art.

Outside the Aniplex Booth, they featured Love Live! Sunshine!!, as well as a few others. But it was pretty clear that Aniplex really focused on SAO for the event. They even had life-size standees of the characters, with Asuna and Kirito sporting traditional Thai costumes.

They also featured a figure display at the back of their booth. Along with some other merchandise, the figure display featured Madoka Magica, Black Butler, and many others. Did we mention that there’s also a lot of SAO merch in there too?

Well, at least there were a lot of Madoka Magica and Fate merch to rival SAO there, right?