The Frame Arms Girl anime has done wonders for Kotobukiya’s already popular Frame Arms Girl line of plastic models. And during C3 AFA Bangkok 2017, the Kotobukiya booth put the anime, as well as the PlaMo, front and center.

The booth’s highlight features a survey which asks event-goers about their thoughts on the Frame Arms Girl anime. Those who participated in the survey get some goodies, which include postcards and stickers. These giveaways feature Gourai, Stylet, Baselard, and of course, Ao Gennai.

The booth also showed the anime’s first 10 episodes. In fact, the booth set up seats for event-goers to marathon the first 10 episodes.

The booth also had its very own cosplayer! And on Day 2, the one and only Angie dropped by in her own Frame Arms Girl costume. In fact, Angie even wore her Frame Arms Girl costume on stage during the Cosplay Singles competition as a judge.

And of course, Kotobukiya also showed off some built kits, along with some accessories. The figure display also included cute Cu-Poche figures of Gourai and Stylet.

So, what do you think of Frame Arms Girl? Who’s your favorite so far?