When it comes to Anisong legends, you can count Chihiro Yonekura among them. With a career spanning over two decades, she’s performed a lot of them. Now, she’s heading to Thailand for C3 Anime Festival Asia Bangkok 2017. And good news, she’s also performing! She will be part of the I LOVE ANISONG SHOWCASE for the event.

Like two of the event’s other guests, she also first discovered stardom thanks to a Gundam series! Much like Toru Furuya and Kengo Kawanishi, she first rose to stardom by with Mobile Suit Gundam: 08th MS Teamwhich she sang the OP song, “Arashi no Naka de Kagayaite” for. She also performed the anime’s ED, Insert Song, and the theme song for the Miller’s Report OVA. And her ties with Gundam don’t stop there, as she also performed the OP for the SD Gundam G Generation World game.

But Gundam anime aren’t the only anime she has sang the theme songs for. Among them are GROOVE ADVENTURE RAVE’s OP, Butterfly Kiss, as well as the Senkaiden Houshin Engi OP song, WILL. She also performed the 14th OP song for Fairy Tail, ~Yakusoku no Hi~.

Chihiro Yonekura has frequented many countries outside of Japan, most especially Asia and North America, which she also frequently performs in. This is because she expanded her activities overseas when she moved to current management agency, SOLID VOX.

Now, more than 20 years into the industry, she’s still going strong! In 2015, she released her 20th Anniversary Album, ‘BEST OF CHIHIROX II’. She also held the ‘Chihiro Yonekura 20th Anniversary Special Live’ on the 20th anniversary of her debut on January 24th 2016.

Aside from being a talented singer, she’s also a very talented songwriter. She’s quite active as one too, offering some of her songs to other artistes as well.

During C3 AFA Bangkok, she will be dazzling the audience with her wonderful voice this Saturday, 10th June. She will hold her I LOVE ANISONG live at 6:30 pm.

The event will happen at the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand from 10th -11th June. You can now book your tickets here: TICKETMELON