Brace yourselves, because May’n is heading back to Thailand for C3 Anime Festival Asia Bangkok! The beautiful Japanese singer made a name for herself with plenty of unforgettable anime songs, as well as serving as the singing voice for Macross Frontier’s Sheryl Nome. And the best part is that she’s also bringing her ever-powerful and stunning voice to perform during the event!

Born as Mei Nakabayashi on 21st October 1989, the singer first burst through the music scene as May Nakabayashi. In 2003, at the age of 13, she participated in the 28th “HoriPro – Talent Scout Caravan – Love Music – Audition” and made it through to the final four. She sang the ED theme for the seiyuu anime, Love Get Chu.

But it wasn’t until she took on the role of Sheryl Nome that she obtained true stardom. She was so big that on her debut week as the Galactic Fairy’s singing voice that she even placed in the Top 3 of the Oricon charts. Oh, and she really really really likes Taiyaki.

Her star would shine ever-so brightly, as she finally made her first overseas performance during Anime Festival Asia 2008 in Singapore. In fact, she’s been coming back to AFA ever since! Yeah, we’re proud to say that she’s quite a good friend of ours here at Sozo and Wow Japan. She even gave us a few taiyaki recommendations

May’n is a real big foodie, and she also gave us a few recommendations herself. From melon buns and Mille Crepe to Hitsu Mabushi and Hamburger Steak, she gave us some great recommendations on where to eat great food. And yes, she also talked to us about her love for taiyaki.

And May’n ain’t just known for her songs for Macross Frontier, but other anime as well. She also performed the OP songs for anime like Accel World, Aria the Scarlett Ammo, and Aquarion LOGOS. As for her ED songs, she also performed them for anime like Btooom and Izetta The Last Witch. And did we mention she likes taiyaki?!

May’n, along with other special guests, will arrive in Thailand for C3 AFA Bangkok 2017. She will be one of the artistes performing for the event’s I LOVE ANISONG live.

The event will happen at the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand from 10th -11th June. You can now book your tickets here: TICKETMELON