In 1979, legendary anime director, Yoshiyuki Tomino, as well as animation studio, Sunrise, changed the anime landscape with one revolutionary anime: Mobile Suit Gundam. The anime would not only introduce us to the Gundam franchise, but would also launch the career of seiyuu Toru Furuya. Furuya, who voiced Amuro Ray in the Gundam franchise, as well as Ribbons Almark in Gundam 00, is coming this month to Thailand for C3 Anime Festival Asia Bangkok!

Throughout his long career, Furuya didn’t just star in Gundam anime, but other legendary franchises as well. The seiyuu also voiced Saint Seiya’s Pegasus Seiya, as well as Dragon Ball’s Yamcha. He also voiced the original Tuxedo Mask for the 90’s Sailor Moon anime, as well as Sabo in One Piece.

Furuya also worked in games, even voicing Mario himself in several Super Mario Bros. video games. And yes, he would also reprise his role as Amuro Ray in other Gundam anime and games. He’s even cosplayed his most iconic character himself! And speaking of Toru Furuya cosplaying, he also cosplayed his One Piece character, Sabo!

Furuya started his voice acting work back in the 1960’s, and also into the 70’s, and  into the present. Born in 31st July 1953, the veteran seiyuu now works for Aoni Production, and is still quite active in the anime industry. The Kanagawa-born seiyuu also admits that he likes golf, tennis, snow boarding, and skiing.

Oh, and it appears that he also rode and piloted a real-life giant robot himself! The seiyuu actually rode Suidobashi Heavy Industries’ signature mech for an event with Microsoft. That’s the original Gundam protagonist for you!

Furuya, along with other special guests, will arrive in Thailand for C3 AFA Bangkok 2017. You can also ask him, along with other C3 AFA Bangkok guests, a question. You can send your questions here: Toru Furuya Fan Questions


The event will happen at the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th Floor, Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand from 10th -11th June. You can now book your tickets here: TICKETMELON