C3 AFA Jakarta has just announced its full line-up for the I Love Anisong concert at C3 AFA Jakarta!

fhána joins us at I love anisong in C3 AFA Jakarta!

For the first time, Japanese cosplayer, Enako, joins us at C3 AFA Jakarta!

Come meet the adorable Clarissa Punipun at C3 AFA Jakarta!

The charming DD-Tenka(風牙護) is also coming to C3 AFA Jakarta!

Popular cosplayer Ying Tze joins us at C3 AFA Jakarta!

If you missed her during Creators Super Fest, don’t worry! Hong Kong cosplayer, M.G comes back to Indonesia for C3 AFA Jakarta!

Indonesian cosplayer, Zainaru Cosplay will be at C3 AFA Jakarta!

Check out the official website for more information at c3afa.com/jakarta17

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●C3 AFA JAKARTA 2017 ●
18 – 20 Aug 2017
JIEXPO Jakarta, Indonesia