Odaiba’s life-size RX-78-2 Gundam may be gone, but fret not because the Unicorn Gundam is on its way. Passers-by in Odaiba have seen that construction workers have now started building the new life-size Gundam. So far, they’ve posted what seems to be the skeletons (or inner frame) of the Unicorn’s legs and waist.

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For safety, they built fences around the construction area to prevent passers-by getting into accidents. As expected, these fences also get their own Gundam theme going.

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And then, a piece of its head finally arrives, along with what seems to be the head’s inner frame. As twitter user  pointed out in one of his tweets, the head’s frame boasts plenty of wiring, which would probably light up the Unicorn as expected. So far, the head piece seems to be the latest addition to the construction.

As of writing, fans in Odaiba are still keeping track of the construction’s progress. The new Unicorn Gundam statue will be replacing the RX-78-2 in front of Diver City Tokyo. Bandai removed the statue last March, and also closed down Gundam Front Tokyo last April.