For almost 15 years, the 3-member all-girl Japanese idol group, Perfume, have thrilled fans all over the world. And now, it seems that a Kpop group consisting of Korean and Chinese members have apparently “riped-off” the group’s style.

According to Perfume fans, 13-member Kpop group, Cosmic Girls, also known as Wu Ju So Nyeo or WJSN, copied Perfume. This is because the music video for the lead single of their debut album seems to be copied from Perfume’s 2013 single “Magic of Love.” Here’s the teaser MV for “Happy”:

And here’s Perfume’s Magic of Love:

Well, at least Perfume didn’t play Dodgeball in their video, right?

Korean company Starship Entertainment and the Chinese company Yuehua Entertainment created the group, which has Korean and Chinese members. Many fans accused the Kpop group of “Blatantly ripping off Perfume.” However, many for Cosmic Girls’ defenders are saying that the group may only be paying homage to Perfume. Whatever the reason, fans are now debating it if its blatant or accidental or just paying homage. What do you guys think?

Source: Arama Japan