The DIY Prop Shop YouTube series is a cosplay series which features “how to” videos in making props. In previous episodes, they’ve featured several big names, including Mad Max and Game of Thrones. Now, their latest video is a tutorial in making the Millennium Puzzle from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Host  Vinny Logozio used his DIY know-how in making Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle out of cardboard. He also used some foam, which many North American cosplayers prefer using. As for some of the details in the piece, he used some putty to mold it into the Millennium Puzzle’s eye and handle. After some painting and detailing, it’s done!

Of course, most Southeast Asian cosplayers I know prefer rubber, and there’s no harm in switching foam with that. Looks like all you need now are some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and a wig of Yugi’s ridiculous hair! What time is it? It’s Time To Duel!

You can check out additional crafting videos below. Vinny also made Cloud’s Fusion Sword from Final Fantasy VII, as well as his pauldrons.