Fairy Tail has had a good run through all these years, but sadly, it’s about to end. The manga is now in its final stages, and now, it really looks like the end is near for Natsu and company. This is because series Mangaka Hiro Mashima tweeted that he’s now working on the manga’s final chapter.


The mangaka wrote that he’s “finally starting the ‘final chapter’ for Fairy Tail. He tweeted it along with the image of a paper with “Fairy Tail 545” written on it.

So that means that the manga will really be ending at Chapter 545. The manga really had a great run, as it inspired various other media, which includes games, anime, and two films. It also inspired a crossover withMashima’s other popular series, Rave Master/ Groove Adventure Rave.

Thank you for such a wonderful series Mashima sensei!