MediBang Inc. supports creators around the world with the development of the MediBang Paint program and now MediBang will be releasing JUMP PAINT — the official Shonen Jump manga creation app — in collaboration with Shueisha Inc. on June 22 (JST) for iOS, Android and PC.

Image by MediBang Inc. / Shueisha Inc


JUMP PAINT is a manga creation app for everyone that can be used on PC, smartphones, and tablets. It is free to use and filled with content from Jump authors and the Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department to teach you tips on how to draw manga! It is available in nine different languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, and Russian!

This app has all the features you will need to draw manga! Draw with various pens such as the Fineliner and G-pens, use Layers and apply a variety of Tones. In addition, it also manages files and can save them onto the Cloud for unlimited storage. JUMP PAINT is the perfect app for aspiring manga creators and professionals.

JUMP PAINT is based off MediBang Paint, a paint program that is loved by fans around the world for creating art and has been downloaded over 12 million times (as of June 2017). MediBang Paint boasts a performance level and capabilities on par with the world’s best apps for creating manga and illustrations. Approximately 70% of creators outside of Japan are between the ages of 10-25 and MediBang Paint is gradually becoming the next-generation standard for apps around the world.

Image by MediBang Inc. / Shueisha Inc
Image by MediBang Inc. / Shueisha Inc
Image by MediBang Inc. / Shueisha Inc


Learn how to draw manga from Jump authors and the Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department

The Jump Paint app allows users to experience the process of creating a manga using examples from previously successful works to see how the drafts were made, how characters and backgrounds were drawn in, and how tones were applied; all this available for free in the Challenge Jump feature!

The app is full of secrets and instructions on how to create manga from world famous manga artists such as Eiichiro Oda and Kohei Horikoshi, the respective creators of One Piece and My Hero Academia! JUMP PAINT was not really made as a guide for manga artists, but rather it is an app that fans can enjoy with weekly updates on lessons how to
draw from the editorial department of Weekly Shonen Jump.

Both the app and various lessons will be available in nine different languages so that users from all over the world can learn how to draw like the authors of Jump and the editorial department of Weekly Shonen Jump!

Take your first step to becoming a Jump manga creator

The JUMP PAINT app helps artists to one day make their manga debut in Shonen Jump using the Shonen Jump Rookie service. Manga drawn in the Jump Paint app can be directly posted via Shonen Jump Rookie.

Jump’s Universal Manga Contest will begin at the same time as the release of JUMP PAINT. Japanese entries can be
submitted to Shonen Jump Rookie, while entries in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French and Russian can be sent in via the MediBang website. Manga creators outside of Japan will receive full support from MediBang to have a chance at a serialization debut in Weekly Shonen Jump!

Image by MediBang Inc. / Shueisha Inc
Image by MediBang Inc. / Shueisha Inc

Future Plans

Creators can currently use the sound effects and speech bubbles that are actually used in Jump manga, but MediBang is looking to increase the available features so that users can draw manga at a professional level, find opportunities to collaborate with Shonen Jump Rookie and use brushes that will simulate the way that Jump authors create manga!

Shonen Jump will find top talent across the globe that can propel Weekly Shonen Jump into the future using JUMP PAINT.

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