Japan’s Character Brand Licensing Association (CBLA) has now revealed the winners for their  Japan Character Awards 2017. This would be the 9th time they will be handing out these awards, which acknowledge the achievements of officially licensed character franchises. This year, they gave their Grand Prize to Pokemon because of Pokemon GO. The mobile app successfully integrated the adult market for a franchise largely for kids. It also got the award for its success in performing well across generations.

Meanwhile, they awarded the Japan Character Grand Prize New Face Award to Yuri!! on Ice. They praised the anime for being popular with women, as well as for taking on figure skating, which not many franchises use in Japan. They even predicted that the anime will grow on a global level… which it already did.

And it wasn’t just Japanese franchises who won awards, but an American one as well. They awarded the Japan Brand License Award Grand Prix prize to Marvel for its aggressive expansion to new markets. They also gave Marvel the award for its wide appeal, which isn’t limited to just male audiences.

Detective Conan also got an award, as they won the Licensing Agency Award. This is because of the success of its yearly films, as well as its various REAL Escape Games.

Hatsune Miku and beauty soap, Lux, also won one for their collaboration, which also featured Scarlett Johansson. The association gave them the Promotion Licensee Award.

Other winners include:

  • Product Licensee Award: Putitto
  • Retail Award: Loft
  • Selection Committee Special Award: Snoopy Museum Japan

The association will then hold the awarding ceremony during the “Licensing Japan” event. They will hold it at the Tokyo Big Sight on 28th June. Each of the winners will also have their own display space for the event.

source: Charabiz official