Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure really has one of the most ridiculous hair in all of anime. OK, maybe not on Yu-Gi-Oh’s level, but still, it’s pretty up there. Now, you can get to see what you might look like if you have Jojo hair thanks to a new app by SNOW. It’s called the Jojo Stamps app, and it lets you get that Jojo look you’ve always dreamed of!

The app is actually a tie-in for the live-action Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure film. Because of this, the app lets you have Jousuke Higashikata’s signature pompadour, as well as Keichou Nijimura’s hair.

This will be fun indeed…

SNOW also launched a campaign for the movie collaboration app. Those who take their picture using the app and posting it on twitter with the #JOJOリーゼント部” (JOJO Regent Club) or “#SNOWでジョジョ” (Snow de Jojo) hashtags will get to win a free ticket for the film.

As for the film itself, it premieres in Japan on August 4, 2017, before hitting parts of Southeast Asia. Kento Yamazaki takes up the mantle of  Jousuke Higashikata for the film. Meanwhile, the film’s story will follow Part IV of the manga, Diamond is Unbreakable. It follows the adventures of Josuke Higashikata and his friends, along with Jotaro of course. The website previously revealed Yamazaki as Josuke, as well as other characters.

Source: Comic Natalie