Looks like KFC ain’t just featuring Yui Ogura in those “What If?” commercials of theirs. This is because they’re also featuring the one and only Jun Fukuyama! The Code Geass seiyuu will star in a series of shorts which chronicle what might have happened if he had a different career.

Called the Kentucky Moshimo Gekijou (Kentucky What If Theater), Fukuyama will first star as a Ballroom Dance Instructor. He will then go on to become a “Guy Who Focuses on the Bright Side”, and then a “Wrapping-Up Boyfriend”. He will also become a really feminine Cram School teacher, as well as a really salty boss… yikes. Finally, they will feature Fukuyama in a “Special Edition” episode.

Much like Yui Ogura’s commercials, Fukuyama will also be interacting with the audience as he plays those roles. And yes, also expect to see a KFC Fried Chicken somewhere along those commercials. They’ll also include a few keywords on those commercials for a special prize campaign on LINE. People can use those keywords to get some special KFC prizes, including a signed photo of Jun Fukuyama himself!

KFC will release one episode per week, and they will begin with that Ball Room Instructor episode on 6th June.

Source: Nijimen