Saying that Kemono Friends may be one of this year’s biggest hits may be a bit of an understatement. The anime came in last January as a relative unknown to many fans, but now, it’s a global phenomenon. And it’s only a matter of time until the anime also launches its own official fan club, right? Well, it seems that they’re officially launching that one in September this year.

Officially called “Kimono Friends”, the fan club will have all sorts of freebies for members. These not only include advance ticket sales for events, but also exclusive photos and videos of the seiyuu. And while the official launch is still in September, their official website has now opened and is offering free membership until 31st July. It will then start charging 540 yen per month starting August 2017.

The website also revealed that the cast will also have their first live event at the Toyosu Pit in Tokyo. The live, officially titled “Kemono Friends Live!”, will happen 16th September. Standard tickets cost 6,800 yen, while Premium tichets, which come with benefits, cost 9,800 yen. The staff will reveal what these benefits are in the future.

Illustration by Kemono Friends Project A

And of course, those who signed up for the fan club would get the chance to see this live too. They’re now holding a first lottery until 7th June, before holding a second one from 10th-18th June.

Since Ikuko Chikuta is right there in the website’s official image, I wonder if Grape-kun has already signed up…