Just after the live-action Gintama film makes its premiere on 14th July, the series will also be getting its own web series. This web series will be adapting the Mitsuba arc from Hideaki Sorachi’s manga. It focuses on the Shinsengumi members Sougo Okita and Toshiro Hijikata. It particularly takes a look at Hijikata’s relationship with Okita’s sister, Mitsuba. Now, dTV has revealed a trailer for the series via YouTube:

As the trailer shows, it takes a look at why Okita and Hijikata’s relationship is so complicated. It also explores Hijikata’s relationship with Mitsuba, so prepare for some feels. The video also features the live-action adaptation’s theme song, “UNDECIDED” by UVERworld.

dTV, a Japanese streaming service, will be showing the web series starting 15th July. The manga-based web series also retains the cast from the live-action film. Shun Oguri reprises his role as Gintoki, while Kankurou Nakamura VI plays Isao Kondo. It also features Yuuya Yagira as Toshiro Hijikata, as well as Ryo Yoshizawa as Sougo Okita. Finally, the web series will feature Kii Kitano as Mitsuba.