Japanese Twitter is a pretty interesting place — a number of popular hashtags and internet memes owe their creation to the Japanese side of the international social media site. One of the more interesting ones in recent weeks, we noticed, is the fad of creating anime fan art on boxes of Meiji’s The Chocolate — more upscale version of the Meiji chocolate bars we all know and love.

Art by @sakurazukamori8

And boy do the fans really get into it! A quick scroll through the Twitter hashtag #明治ザチョコレート (Meiji The Chocolate) yields a veritable art gallery of illustrations from titles such as Pokemon, My Hero Academia, Osomatsu-san, Magic Knight Rayeart, and so much more! Grab a sneak peak of our favorites below! Or, why not illustrate your own, and share them in the comments? We’d love to see what you guys can do!

Art by @ryuseikei
Art by @pu_pu_pujy
Art by @hitodepyonpyon
Art by @kyori_t
Art by @towa_k49
Art by @CHERRY_B_2016
Art by @mikataaaa
Art by @matushita312
Art by @00CHOIR.jpg
Art by @alf_heal_bell.jpg
Art by @orishinooruno