During the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in France, the staff for the upcoming Mazinger Z film revealed brand new footage. Now, the anime film’s official website has updated, and finally reveals that new footage in a new trailer:

Aside from the new trailer, the website also revealed a brand new visual. Of course, the visual featured the iconic Go Nagai super robot itself, Mazinger Z.

Showtaro Morikubo voices Mazinger Z pilot Koji Kabuto, while Ai Kayano voices Aphrodite A pilot, Sayaka Yumi. Junji Shimizu will be directing the film over at Toei Animation, while Takayuki Yanase is responsible for the mechanical design. Meanwhile, Hiroya Iijima will be the character designer, while Takahiro Ozawa writes the screenplay.

Tentatively titled “Gekijouban Mazinger Z”, or Mazinger Z: The Movie, Toei will be animating the film. They also animated the original TV anime, which first premiered 45 years ago. In fact, they are doing this film in celebration of the anime’s 45th anniversary.

The staff also revealed that they will be holding a world premiere for the film outside of Japan. However, they didn’t exactly reveal where this world premiere will happen.