Looks like Kiki and Tombo from the Ghibli classic, Kiki’s Delivery Service are all grown up. Nissin recently aired a new CM featuring the two, and in that CM, they’re now in high school. The ad features plenty of classic high school anime tropes, from cleaning the pool to getting a confession… with a magical twist of course.

And speaking of confessions, the ad also featured Kiki confessing her feelings to Tombo. Well, I guess fans are really happy with that, though they didn’t show Tombo’s reply. Actress Minami Hamabe voices Kiki, while Yuuki Kaji voices Tombo.

The ad is actually the first in a series of Nissin ads surrounding “youth” called “HUNGRY DAYS”. It also features the song, “Kinen Satsuei” by Bump of Chicken.