As The Irregular at Magic High School premieres in Japan, it’s getting a few promotions here and there. This includes one with Onigiri makers, Onigiri Society, for something they call the “Strongest Onigiri”. From the name alone, these rice balls may be overpowered as well… just like Tatsuya!

They are also offering up five different varieties for these overpowered Onigiri. These include spicy mustard leaf, chicken egg, miso mackerel, salmon with green chili, and of course, the classic umeboshi (pickled plum) filling. Each one costs about 250 yen.

Onigiri bento Gyu in Atre Akihabara, as well as Onigiri stand Gyu in Laforet Harajuku, will be selling these rice balls. People who buy at least 500 yen worth of these onigiri will also get their own promotional posters.

The movie is now showing in Japanese cinemas, and will soon hit Southeast Asia as well.

source: Animate Times