Tsukasa Fushimi made a name for himself with the “sibling romantic comedy,” OreImo, as well as Eromanga Sensei. Now, Japanese flight school, E-Flight Academy, is not only teaming up with the currently-airing Eromanga Sensei, but OreImo as well. Their team-up has now resulted into a brand new aircraft featuring both anime.

The E-Flight Academy trains would-be pilots, as well as aspiring air traffic controllers. Their new collaboration features a Piper PA-46, which they wrapped in a design filled with characters from both anime. The right side of the plane features OreImo characters, while the left side features Eromanga Sensei characters. They also recreated Eromanga Sensei heroine, Sagiri’s room inside the plane itself.

The school will also exhibit the plane at the Nagoya airport on 3rd June, and even allow some people on board. Three lucky visitors will also get the chance to win autographed boards from Sagiri’s Seiyuu herself, Akane Fujita! Of course, the staff will choose the winners via lottery.

And it also looks like the seiyuu also signed the Itaplane herself! Unfortunately, you can’t win this one via a lottery… and you need a pilot license to fly it too!

Source: E-Flight official