Seiyuu couple Nana Inoue and Mitsuhiro Ichiki have worked with each other for various anime and game projects already. However, they now take on a new daunting task together, as the couple welcome a health baby boy. Inoue herself made the announcement first via twitter, where she tweeted that she gave birth last 15th June at 5:27 am.

The seiyuu said that she had to spend several more days at the hospital to recover, but now she feels good. This is because she can now do some of the things she hasn’t been able to do in a while.

As for Ichiki, he tweeted that he is now a father, and that he’s happy that his wife and son will be able to leave the hospital safely.

The two played the leads for the fantasy anime, Magikano, with Inoue voicing Rika, and Ichiki voicing Haruo. The couple also worked together on several games for Gust’s Atelier franchise. Inoue herself voiced Haitai Nanafa’s Lana and Tsuyokiss – Cool×Sweet’s Otome Kurogane. Meanwhile, Ichiki voiced Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru’s Yasusada Yamatonokami.

Congratulations Nana Inoue and Mitsuhiro Ichiki!

source: Nijimen