The second film for Space Battleship Yamato 2199 premiered last Saturday, as it continues the saga for the legendary vessel. Now, the official website for the anime has updated, and it reveals a brand new visual for the third film. It features the Yamato, as well as Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori.

The new visual also features a tagline which reads “The demon informs. Choose your love.” And it really looks like the third film will really be focusing on the romantic part of things, aside from the usual adventure. And it’s not only the poster and tagline that are teasing romance, but the title as well. The third film comes with the title “Junai-hen”, which of course means “Pure Love Arc”.

Aside from the new poster, the website also revealed that the anime film will premiere on 14th October. The anime will have a total of seven films in the series, which takes a look at Earth’s conflict with Gatlantis. The 7-part series takes place after the original Yamato crew saved the Earth, as well as signing a peace treaty with Garmillas. However, this doesn’t stop the Earth from rapid militarization against Starsha Iscandar’s wishes. What’s more is that the Empire of Gatlantis is rapidly expanding, and they’re headed for Earth. And all of this is happening as the goddess Teresa calls the crew of the Yamato to a new voyage.