Remember that collaboration Kemono Friends had with Tobu Zoo? Well, the zoo has now taken down almost all of the animals’ Kemono Friends counterparts… all except for one. And yes, it’s Hululu’s cutout at the Humboldt Penguin enclosure. You wouldn’t want to tear Grape-kun apart from his waifu, right?

Several visitors started noticing that the Kemono Friends cut-outs are now gone from the various animal enclosures. However, several of them, including twitter user @Kishida46, noticed a certain friend still inside the penguin enclosure. A collaboration ending would never stop true love!

But fret not folks, because Kemono Friends is planning on even more zoo collaborations this summer. Of course, this includes Grape-kun’s home of Tobu Zoo. They will be planning some night tours in the zoos they are collaborating with. They will feature more discussions and even more Kemono Friends cut-outs. What’s more is that they’ll be illuminating these cut-outs when night comes. They will also set up Kemono Friends kiosks selling merchandise featuring Eurasian eagle-owl, raccoon, white tiger, hippopotamus, and of course Humboldt Penguin AKA Hululu.

Just don’t forget that the Humboldt Penguin has been claimed already, OK? They will run this new collaboration starting 15th July, and will end on 3rd September.

As for Grape-kun, the penguin has enjoyed a lot of celebrity status within the zoo. This cute little penguin even got what most anime fans have always dreamed of doing, and that’s to meet his waifu’s seiyuu! The two finally met when the zoo held a special talk about the life of Humboldt penguins. Of course, their special guest was none other than Chikuko Ikuta, who voices Hululu.

source: Comic Natalie