Goku may have beaten Vegeta in every single fight they had, but Goku can never beat Vegeta on one aspect, and that’s who’s a better family man. Now, as Toshiba launches a new campaign for their Vegeta refrigerators, they’re bringing back the Saiyan prince. But this time, Vegeta ain’t alone because he’s bringing his whole family! Yeah, don’t expect Goku to do something like this… unless eating and fighting is involved. Food prep and keeping vegetables fresh, not so much.

And Toshiba ain’t just launching one campaign, but two. They have the “Summer Vegetable Recipe Great Recruitment Campaign” as well as their “Retweet Campaign.” For their recipe campaign, contestants must follow the @ Toshiba_vegeta instragram and Twitter pages and then post an image of their cooked vegetable recipes. They must also include the hashtag “#東芝ベジータ夏レシピ”, or Toshiba Summer Vegetable Recipe.

Toshiba will then pick 30 entries to win a set of seasonal vegetables and fruits. Yes folks, free food! As for their “Retweet Campaign”, they will pick seven winners each week by retweeting posts from the official account. The prizes include an original cutting board, tote bags, clear files, and of course, fresh vegetables. They will launch the new Vegeta campaign, complete with Vegeta’s family, starting 3rd July.

Kinda makes you wonder since Goku’s also a farmer, maybe he harvested a few of these veggies himself… naaaaaaah! He probably ran off to Beerus’s planet to train before he even got the chance to harvest his veggies. Just don’t tell Chichi.

source: Animate Times