Prepare for some chills and frights anime fans, because a work by horror manga master, Junji Ito, is getting an anime. The Junji Ito’s Haunted House website by Asahi Shimbun has indeed revealed that his works will be getting a much-deserved anime adaptation. They didn’t really specify which work is getting adapted, but knowing all the horror maestro’s works, it will be scary…

So far, the website hasn’t revealed much details about the anime yet, but be sure that it will be disturbing. Just remember that his works like Uzumaki and Tomie have gained a reputation to be be horror masterpieces. With the exception of Junji Ito’s Cat Diary, which is about his cats, he’ll likely scare the socks off of you with his manga.

While the announcement didn’t specify the anime’s format, many have already presented theories what it will be. Several theories include it being an anthology series focusing on his various manga. However, Asahi Shimbun still hasn’t revealed anything specific yet, so stay tuned for more announcements.

Meanwhile, several Village Vanguard stores, as well as Japanese bookstores, will be celebrating the mangaka’s 30th anniversary. Starting 7th July, they will be holding a Junji Ito 30th anniversary fair, which celebrate the horror master’s works. Those who purchase Junji Ito works will receive original illustration cards. They will also get his short story comic essay, “Tameike”.  They will hold this promotions in selected shops until 30th September.

source: Animate Times